10 Wellness Products with a Cult-y Following (That You Can Get on Amazon!)

I’m kind of obsessed with finding under-the-radar wellness products that have a cult-following. While there’s not magic bullet for health + wellness…it’s fun to explore what could make you feel or look even better.


As great as Amazon is (so convenient!), buying any kind of skincare or supplement can be dicey. I’ve been offered to write reviews for money (no thanks) and the sourcing of these wellness products can be questionable. I’ve known people who bought past-date or even completely fake products from Amazon!


These are the tried-and-true favorites to improve your life, from a cure for hangover face to the chicest way to ensure good breath.


10 Cult-y Wellness Products on Amazon


1. Ice Roller
If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know how much I love this ice roller! It makes me look semi-alive after a late night, with a hangover, or anytime I just want to look a little perkier. Use it all over your face in the morning!


2. Glass straws
These glass straws are BPA free and can be used with hot or cold drinks. Major way to reduce your plastic waste and also prevent leaching of chemicals into your beverage. Bonus: drinking coffee through a straw keeps your teeth so much whiter! The glass straws come with a little brush to get any smoothie gunk completely out, too.


3. Chlorophyll drops
Yes, chlorophyll – the stuff that makes plants green – is good for you too! It has tons of vitamins, antioxidants, and therapeutic benefits. Chlorophyll can fix skin issues by reducing inflammation and improving would healing, improve the quality of you red blood cells, act as a natural deodorizer (it seriously makes your sweat smell sweet), and aid in weight loss. Just add a few drops to your water! It tastes super mild and a little minty. Oh, and it costs under $25 + one bottle will last for ages.

4. Acupuncture Mat
I get majorly screen weary when I have to work all day. I’m also not the best sleeper. This acupuncture mat looks scarier than it actually is. The mat is less like a bed of nails, and more like the fastest way to recharge after a day of staring at screens. It helps with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.


5. Antioxidant + Caffeine Sunscreen
You need sunscreen. Every. Single. Day. It’s doctor and esthetician recommended for a reason! This kind is a little pricier than the drugstore variety, but your skin will thank you. The antioxidants and caffeine are game changers, making your skin look tighter and smoother. Almost like a beauty treatment, but with major protection from the sun.


6. Copper Tongue Scraper
If you have to scrape gross stuff off your tongue — and you should, every day — might as well do it with this chic copper option. The Ayurvedic self-care ritual of tongue scraping removes food debris, fungi, bacteria, and dead cells — and only takes about five seconds in the morning, which means there’s no excuse to skip it.


7. Aztec Healing Clay
You all already know I love a good face mask, but this one is a cult-classic. The packing might not be fancy, but it delivers a serious makeover to your pores. Just mix the clay mask with a little apple cider vinegar and leave on until dry. I use it on my chest too for extra skin beautification. You’ll definitely feel it working, and it’s so intense that your face might have some lingering redness for a couple hours afterward. Worth. It.


8. Vitamix
It’s the best blender ever and the only one I’ve found that can pulverize kale into an amazing smoothie. While a Vitamix is worth the investment if you plan on making healthy cooking a part of your life, the $500+ price tag can be a barrier to snagging this top-notch blender. If you’re on a budget, you can get this “reconditioned” one that will work just the same!


9. Yoga Design Labs Mat
This yoga mat is more than just pretty – it comes with a built in yoga towel! Throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning. It’s perfect for hot yoga, and has stayed perfectly bright and comfortable after many washes.


10. Matcha
If you get matcha, make sure it’s ceremonial grade for the best-tasting (and least gritty) latte. Even better than that, this amazing matcha can be shaken into cold water! If you’ve ever tried to blend matcha, you know that feature is a game changer. Throw it into a smoothie, or even just a water bottle, while on the go.


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