Things To Do In Seattle (Even When It’s Raining)

I recently visited Seattle for the first time – during a rainy, rainy winter week. It’s pretty hard for any city to look good when it’s 45 degrees and grey, but I still found some great ways to experience Seattle.

You all know by now that I don’t go for the typical tourist things (no judgment – some of them are fun!). Instead, I like to experience cities as if I’m a local – but with more champagne. I stick to my workout schedule, pop into as many local coffee shops as possible, and walk everywhere.

Grey days call for a cozy flannel and a flower shop

Grey days call for a cozy flannel, and a visit to the flower shop.



One of my favorite experiences in Seattle was Yoga Under GlassĀ at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Located right next to the Space Needle, this museum features incredible works of glassblowing art. A couple times a month, the center hosts a yoga class in the gorgeous glasshouse. You’ll have to bring your own mat, but the views are worth it.

Experience yoga at Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle, WA. Looking for more ways to enjoy Seattle? Click to read this blog post!



When doing my usual wander-around-the-city routine, I stumbled across the cutest little shop. It was the bright wallpaper that caught my eye, but the plant based ice cream that made me walk in. Frankie & Jo’s could not be more perfect. It’s whimsical, full of friendly staff that will let you sample a billion flavors, and not that unhealthy because of their stellar ingredients. They even have a Golden Milk flavor with turmeric, which is basically a juice cleanse (right?). Go, and soon.

Frankie & Jo



There are SO MANY good coffee shops in Seattle. You can essentially just wander into a random one and find a pretty great cup of coffee or place to settle in and hang out. The most touristy thing I did during this visit was have a coffee tasting at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. You probably know that Starbucks started in Seattle, and the original shop in Pike Place MarketĀ always has a crazy line. I opted to visit the Reserve Roastery instead, in the hopes of getting a solid caffeine buzz from a coffee tasting. It didn’t disappoint!

Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle, WA is worth a visit for the coffee tasting experience. Find out more things to do in Seattle in this post from Wayfaring Rachel

The Roastery is a place where you can watch the entire coffee roasting process, as well as sample some fancier styles of coffee. The baristas are incredibly informed, and the whole experience definitely feels elevated from your usual Starbucks run.



There are a ton of other hidden gems around Seattle. With plenty of outdoorsy activities like hiking and paddle boarding, finding something to do when the weather is nice is a no-brainer. When rain and cold keep you inside, however, The Elliot Bay Book Company is a great way to pass the time. Local bookstores always make me smile, and with sections highlighting local favorites and local authors, I felt like I got to know the city a bit more. Pro tip: There’s a cafe inside called Little Oddfellows that makes amazing avocado toast.

Little Oddfellows Cafe in Seattle, WA
Source: Little Oddfellows


What do you love to do in Seattle?