You Need a Scalp Scrub in Your Hair Routine

Do you love dry shampoo? Girl, same. But it’s probably fucking up our hair. My hair stylist gave me this very sad news recently – so don’t shoot the messenger. For the first time in my life, I felt like my hair was getting thinner. Very weird for someone who usually has too much of it. That whole workout — rinse off — dry shampoo — repeat cycle is apparently not great for our scalp health, leading to hair loss or slowed growth. Enter a scalp scrub, which you might have seen popping up from some of your favorite brands lately.

Why You Need a Scalp Scrub in Your Hair Routine

You know how dead skin cells build up on your skin? The same thing can happen on your scalp, only exacerbated by product build up, dry shampoo, and a lack of that circulation-promoting scrub you get after a great salon shampoo. It’s kind of gross to think about, but imagine just caking on pressed powder over your sweat and makeup, and only using a cleanser 1-2x/week.

I tried this Christophe Robin scalp scrub and — no joke — felt like my hair was clean for the first time in ages. My shampoo lasted longer without greasy roots, and I had more volume at the roots as well. It’s also kind of a luxurious experience, working this grainy sea salt scrub all over your scalp. Full #selfcare happening.


Pick your poison, use once a week. Easy? Easy.