One Pink Skirt, Wear it Two Ways

Summer = leg bearing season, so I was psyched to grab this light, flattering pink skirt from one of my favorite online shops, Revolve. When it arrived though….I was a little lost on how to wear it without looking like I was some kind of Candy Land character.

I wanted a way to wear it that wasn’t too….precious. Because a pink lace skirt is basically the most girly thing ever, right?  It’s the season for rooftop brunches or a wedding shower, a pink skirt is totally wearable.


Ugly-hot shoes make even the most precious pieces a little cooler, so white loafers are just the thing. Add a plain white tee for the chillest brunch outfit. Giant sunglasses hide hangovers and offer some sun protection, and a spiky bracelet adds a tougher edge.

Pink Lace Skirt, Two Ways: Relaxed for Brunch with Friends


Meeting the boyfriend’s parents? Wedding/baby shower? I went with the girly vibe of the pink lace skirt by adding vintage Manolos and a flow off-the-shoulder top. If the Manolos aren’t in your budget, go with a fun stripe sandal. A heel maximizes the leg-lengthening effect of a mini, too!

Pink Lace Skirt, Two Ways: Wedding/Baby Shower Outfit


My Favorite Pink Skirts

What to Pair them With

Pink is everywhere right now, including our closets. Is your style girly, or not so much?