Life Lately: Moving (Again), West Coast Travel, General Busy-ness

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With a to-do list as long as my arm, it feels good to settle in and just say hi to you! Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • – A lighting-fast weekend trip to San Diego, where I loved the sunshine and the plethora of brunch options.
  • – A week long trip to Seattle, where the weather was gloomy but the coffee was amazing.
  • – Moving to a new neighborhood in Chicago! This move involves two households merging into one, so it has actually been two weekends of moving and a whole lot of compromising on closet space. I’ve been living out of two apartments and hustling my dog back and forth between the neighborhoods, so that’s fun. For anyone who hasn’t experienced living in a high rise, coordinating multiple buildings to reserve elevators for move in/move out is basically The Hunger Games.
  • – Trying to maintain a routine that keeps me healthy and happy during all the chaos. Bless you, ClassPass. A short list of studios I’ll be trying and reviewing for  Crunches and Brunches: Fit36, Barry’s Bootcamp, The Barre Code, Title Boxing Club, Brooklyn Boulders. Tell me some others!
  • – Lots of blog brainstorming and bringing exciting new partnerships and content to you!
  • – Gearing up for spring in Chicago (hello events!), planning my upcoming trip to Barcelona, and finding new health and wellness tips.

I hope your days are full of things you love too.