Las Vegas Summer Trip Essentials

I’m another year older, with another Vegas trip complete. This year, I celebrated my birthday in (a very steamy) Sin City. The nice thing about the 100+ degree Las Vegas summer weather is that you never spend too much time outside. I’m sharing some of the must-sees from Vegas, and highlighting the little gift bags I put together for my friends who made the trip with me! These are such good things to add to your next packing list, or to keep in mind for a future birthday or bachelorette trip.

(P.S. This bikini was a last minute $25 buy from Amazon and I’m obsessed – such a good fit! I’m wearing a medium, for reference)

Las Vegas Summer Essentials: The Products

It should be a rule that if people get on a plan for you, they get a gift, okay? These are the things I made sure to pack, and also shared with my friends who came out to celebrate:


Sunscreen is a must always, but especially in sunny Vegas! Coola recently released a stick version that’s perfect for travel (TSA friendly!) and throwing in your purse without risk of a sunscreen explosion. I brought tinted because it’s easy to reapply on your face throughout the day, and looks nice over a tan (no white streaks!), as well as the classic white version for the guys.


I always fly with gum to help my ears adjust to the altitude change – but not the typical artificial sweetener-laden stuff. Simply Gum makes a more natural gum in fun flavors like Cleanse (featuring grapefruit, prickly pear, cayenne, and sea salt – AMAZING).

Healthy Supplements and Hangover Saviors

Hum Nutrition has a supplement for just about any concern you might have (I love the ‘Wing Man‘ one for dark under eye circles). For a trip that might not be so healthy, their superfood greens to go packets are a lifesaver. These are a yummy mint chocolate chip flavor, so I love stirring them into an almond milk latte in the morning.

Dehydration is the #1 cause of hangover symptoms, so get that water + electrolytes in! Pedialyte is widely available and works in a pinch, and the nuun electrolyte tablets travel well.

I also take activated charcoal pills after a night of drinking. The brand I like costs $8 from Amazon, and a bottle lasts forever unless you’re a real lush. It’s not a magic cure for hangover symptoms (water is still most important!), but it does keep my stomach happy the next morning. Nausea is always the worst part of a hangover for me, and these make it a non-issue.

Las Vegas Summer Essentials: Gift Bags or Packing List

Las Vegas Gift Bags
Bags from Etsy




Las Vegas Summer Essentials: The Spots

Staying indoors (or in the shade) is the name of the game when visiting Vegas in August.


  • – Viva Las Arepas
  • – Flour and Barley
  • – Momofuku
  • – Cleo
  • – Firefly Tapas
  • – VegeNation (off strip)
  • Pro tip: Anywhere at the Wynn property has a vegan menu!

Wayfaring Rachel Las Vegas Summer

Bars / Clubs

  • – The Chandelier Bar (pictured above – always a favorite of the ladies!)
  • – Encore Beach Club (worth the upgrade to get a shaded cabana situation)
  • – XS (we had a great time watching The Chainsmokers)
  • – Wayfarer (obvi.)
  • – Oak & Ivy
  • – Tableau
  • – Fremont St (off strip)
  • – Gold Spike (off strip – tons of outdoor games!)

(Mostly Indoor) Sights

  • – Bellagio Fountains
  • – Bellagio Conservatory
  • – Ethel M Chocolates cactus garden
  • – The Venetian canals and shops
  • – A show (we opted for the saucy Zumanity)

I’m skipping a lot of the “first timer” info – you can read more about my first trip to Vegas here.



I hope these recommendations help! Stay hydrated + wear that sunscreen.