Karlie Kloss’s Workout

Growing up, I never saw supermodels are particularly healthy. Gorgeous? Totally. But not glowing wellness goddesses. I was more likely to see a model with a cigarette in hand than a green juice.

It seems like the glamorization of thinness took priority over healthy living and being Remember that famous quote from Kate Moss?

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Ugh. No disrespect to the fabulous Ms. Moss, but I can think of at least thirty things that taste as good as skinny feels.

It has been amazing to see the new breed of supermodels embracing a healthy lifestyle, and hopefully inspiring their young fans to do the same. Mega-babes like Iza Goulart, Bar Refaeli, and Karlie Kloss are all over Instagram with their wellness vibes.


#BodyByIza in Cannes! My way to calm down between hard working days!!

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Imagine my excitement when I found Karlie Kloss’s workout, right from the source – her trainer, Anna Kaiser of AKT InMotion. The workout needs minimal equipment- just a 14 inch box or step, and a resistance band.

In case you need convincing that supermodels can be tough, check out some of AKT’s workouts – cardio intervals and strength training galore! The classes run from $37-45 each, but you can steal Karlie Kloss’s workout right here:

Get Karlie Kloss' strength and cardio workout!
Information Source: Well + Good

Cool down with some foam rolling and you’ll be on your way to that supermodel bod!

Wondering what some of these moves are? Check out these descriptions from Well + Good:

Knee Repeaters

“Put one leg straight behind you with the front leg bent into a lunge position. Stand tall with your arms raised above your head and bring your back leg forward and up with a bent knee, then take it back behind you into the lunge position. Maintain a tight core as you repeat with each leg.”


“Lie on the floor with your arms extended above your head and your legs extended as well. Exhale as you bend at the waist and have your arms and legs meet in a jackknife position (legs in a 45 degree angle and arms straight). Inhale and lower back to the floor.”

I’m giving it a try this week! Join me?