I Am Her Project

Recently, I had the chance to contribute to I Am Her Tribe, an amazing project from lululemon photographer Danielle Doby. This project creates an empowering, positive space with the goal of uniting and supporting good things. The Instagram feed is filled with quotes that always make me pause as I’m scrolling through the feed, plus photos of contributers (like me).

One of the big picture values I try to live my life by is that the world needs more love. Every day, from everyone. Being vulnerable, telling your story openly, and sharing yourself with the world is unifying. You can read my feature below, and submit your own story to iamhertribe@gmail.com.

I Am Her


I prefer a sunny day over any other but can jump in puddles like a champ.

I think drinking more water is the cure for most ailments.

I believe in finding beauty in ordinary things. I believe in seeing beauty in all people, because there are no ordinary people.

I relentlessly pursue change when it is my idea, but often balk when the universe throws me a curve ball.

When life gets hard, I usually just change zip codes. I have moved 30 times and have a tenuous definition of “home.” My people are my home.

I will always bet on the underdog. I have often felt like the underdog.  I have often won.

I talk with homeless people. I learn their names. I hear their stories. I see some people walk by and avoid their eyes. I see some people walk by and wonder what a girl with a yoga mat and pearl earrings is doing sitting on the sidewalk while a homeless man pets her dog.

I have spent years recovering from a childhood that many would be grateful for, and thus learned you can both appreciate your home and want to run away from it.

I drink my coffee black. I am always cold. My hair is often unbrushed. I prefer animals to children. I cry and curse readily, because emotions are valid and powerful and scary.

I have fire in my veins and it burns uncontrollably when I encounter injustice or an absence of compassion. I sign petitions, share pictures, quote thought leaders, and sometimes wonder if any of it does any good.

I hardly ever dance, but I really want to.

I wake up every day with the intention to change the world for the better, if only in the smallest way. Some days that just means being extra nice to the tired-looking woman ringing up my groceries, but I still hope it helps.

I will climb mountains.

I am @wayfaringrachel and I am her.