5 Items to Pack for Easy Holiday Travel Style

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I’ll be heading to Philadelphia this year, where the temperatures almost rival Chicago for I-can’t-feel-my-face-ugh levels. While I love bringing fun pieces to wear on trips, I always make sure to start with style essentials that I can mix and match. Traveling for the holidays is no exception! In fact, paring down your packing list to include the most versatile items is even more important when it comes to bulky winter wear. For holiday travel style, these five items should definitely be in your suitcase.


Holiday Travel style Essential: Minimalist Coat

“Minimalist coat” might be a phrase I made up, but to me this means a streamlined classic that goes with most anything in your suitcase. If you’re short on space, this one will get you through an entire weekend of family fun, shopping, and whatever else falls on the agenda. As someone who owns one of those hideous black puffer coats that goes down to my knees (again, it’s Chicago), I’d leave the serious coat behind unless you know you’ll be forced to endure harsh conditions for a long time. Layers make a huge difference, and look way more chic —  swear.

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Holiday Travel style Essential: Cozy Sweaters

“Sweater weather” caught on for a reason. These are as comfortable as they are versatile, so grab a few of your favorites. This season there are tons of options for interesting details (like statement sleeves).

5 Essentials to Pack for Holiday Travel: Cozy Sweater Roundup

So. Many. Options


Holiday Travel style Essential: Wear-Anywhere Sneakers

Thank all that is holy that athleisure is having a moment (one I hope lasts forever). Boots are great for certain outfits, but with a little styling, your  sneakers can be just as versatile — and usually take up way less space in your bag.

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Holiday Travel style Essential: Crossbody bag

Leave your giant work tote behind and stick to the basics. You’ll be having too much holiday fun to deal with lugging around a giant bag. If you need a great weekender for your trip, check out this post!


Pick your poison


Holiday Travel Stle Essential: Stunner

It’s an essential, ok? Holiday travel style usually involves seeing people who aren’t a part of our every day lives. So it’s worthwhile to make the impression a strong one. See below for items to make your high school sweetheart cry himself to sleep, your future mother-in-law give you a nod of approval, etc. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate this holiday season, and these extra-special pieces are worthy of all that champagne.

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What to Pack for Holiday Travel: These stylish + versatile pieces will maximize space in your suitcase AND make the most of all those photo opps.