Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Why does it always seem like guys are the toughest to buy gifts for? With three brothers, a dad, and a boyfriend to shop for, I feel like I have spent hours searching for gifts that the wonderful men in my life will actually like – ties not included.


Holiday Gift Guide Guys Wayfaring Rachel


For the city guy…this modern backpack has clean lines and makes commuting a breeze.

For the acquaintance…a Bluetooth powered (and well-designed) key chain with an app to always locate your keys.

For the whiskey man…these whiskey stones, which will chill his favorite drink without diluting it.

For the guy who needs a little push…skincare is important, and just about every girl knows it. The guys? Not so much. Give him a nudge with this gorgeous-but-masculine skincare set.

For your adventurous brother…a Polaroid camera that captures action-packed moments.

For the homebody…celebrate your favorite city with these city map glasses.

For the troublemakermittens. That are also a flask. Enough said.

For the super-dad…a gift that lets him embrace two hobbies at once.

For the guy with style…a sleek, minimalistic watch for under $100. Bonus: you can borrow it.


Happy shopping!