Fourth of July Style

Chicago summertime on the beach

This year, I’ll be celebrating my first 4th of July in Chicago. Wherever you will be for the holiday, it’s a fun reason to get dressed in your red, white, and blue. Red manicures count, ok?

Warm Day

Fourth of July style is all about clothing that lets you enjoy the sunshine/barbecue/boat/whatever without roasting.  Stay cool with a big straw tote packed with beach essentials, lightweight shorts, and a breezy off the shoulder top.

Photo by Katherine Koosmann

4th of July beach style

Beach essentials // This straw tote is under $30!
Photos by Katherine Koosmann

Cool Night

When the temperature drops a bit, just add this lightweight sweater to fight the chill (and lake breeze, if you’re in Chicago!)

Chicago summertime on the beach

4th of July style: add a summer sweater for when the sun goes down
Photos by Katherine Koosmann


Shop the Look Here:

Hope you get some beaching, BBQing, and boozing time in, babes! Tell me all about your fun plans in the comments – I’m still deciding.