Breaking Out of Your Fitness Comfort Zone

It’s easy for me to settle into my old pace on my usual running path, or stick to the classes I could do in my sleep. Although I’m well out of “first day of school” age (as are you, I’m guessing!), I think fall is a great time to push into newness.

Our bodies need to be challenged, right? That post-workout soreness isn’t the ultimate signal of a great workout, but it can be a nice feeling — and often seems to come from new workouts, rather than the old favorites.  If you could do a yoga flow in your sleep, why not mix it up with a rebounder class or some dance cardio? If your twice weekly Pilates class is a permanent part of your routine, try throwing in a bootcamp class.

I’ve been in a steady rotation of yoga, Pilates, barre, hiking, and spin classes for a while now — they feel good, and they are great workouts. But I’ve also been feeling kind of stuck. Both in how I look and how I feel. Craving a little change, you know?

So, this fall, I’m committing to trying at least two new fitness classes a month. There are so many to choose from in Los Angeles! ClassPass makes it easy to try new ones – even the ones that intimidate the hell out of me. If you’re in a smaller city, you can still break out of your workout comfort zone. A new instructor, switching up the order of your workouts during the week, or even turning to YouTube or a streaming service could give you a fresh perspective.

Tips for Breaking Out of Your Fitness Comfort Zone
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Overcoming New Class Anxiety

Keeping it real here, as usual: sometimes it’s nerve-wracking to walk into a new studio or sign up for a fitness event, especially when the workout is also out of your comfort zone.

My tips for overcoming new class anxiety and breaking out of your fitness comfort zone:

  1. 1. If possible, recruit a friend! Even if you both look a little silly in that trampoline cardio class, you’ll have a familiar face and partner to download with over post-workout matcha.
  2. I think a BIG part of feeling confident in trying a new activity is knowing your gear supports you (+ looks good). Wear the stuff that makes you feel like you can tackle a challenge. This pink sweater is my current favorite for throwing on over a crop top before boxing.

Overcoming New Fitness Class Anxiety

  • 2. Remember instructors are there to help Tell them it’s your first time! At my barre classes, instructors even take a few moments to demo common cues for newbies.
  • 3. Show up early. Plan for traffic, an unfamiliar parking situation, a tucked away studio, and time to sign waivers.
  • 4. Check the studio website for any specific gear needs (like grip socks, a mat, or a towel – and info on if you need to rent gloves or buy hand wraps, as I did at BoxUnion below).

BoxUnion Workout Overcoming New Fitness Class Anxiety


Tell me what kind of workouts you want to try! I’d love to connect with you here or on Instagram to share this little goal together.




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