Exploring Foundation Room at House of Blues Chicago

While many people have been to The House of Blues in Chicago, few have ventured upstairs to Foundation Room. In fact, few people I’ve spoken to even know that this dark, decadent space exists. With annual membership fees ranging from $2200-$8500, it’s no wonder the Foundation Room is regarded as “a haven for the sexiest and most scandalous party fiends in town.”

Foundation Room HoB Chicago


The space features a cozy assortment of small, dimly lit, and exceptionally detailed rooms that serve as hangouts for House of Blues artists like Prince and The Who, as well as the lucky members. With this atmosphere of high-class debauchery, I could absolutely picture musicians and guests enjoying their worst behavior at Foundation Room, free from prying eyes and cameras.


Foundation Room House of Blues


Buddha, Ganesha, and other global touches (like the tapestry walls, below) decorated the rooms alongside stained glass windows with symbols of Christian significance. The spiritual and religous decorations make the debaucherous environment seem all the more scandalous.


Foundation Room House of Blues tapestry walls


Not ready to throw in $3000 or so just yet? Dining reservations on special nights may be available on a limited basis to non-members.

With so many beautiful touches and history inside the walls, Foundation Room is a must-see if you ever have the opportunity.

Cheers and carpe noctum,