Easy Summer Hairstyles to Extend Your Blowout

Make your blowout last - even with sun, sweat, and humidity - with these tips!

Raise your hand if you hate drying your hair. Everyone? Same here! Between my long, thick hair and a regular workout schedule, I feel like I’ve wasted several years of my life with a blow dryer in hand. Blowouts that last for days are my favorite thing ever, but I have trouble achieving them without some professional help. We all have our weaknesses, okay?

After going an embarrassingly long time without a haircut, I ventured over to Lumination Salon to get this mane chopped. Salon owner and master stylist, Adam Bogucki, has received awards since opening a few short months ago, including” Best Trend Hair Colorist” by CS and “Best Salon in Chicago” by Time Out Chicago, so I figured I was in good hands.

Located in West Lakeview, Lumination Salon is a bright little spot set up for a single client.  I am all about this one-on-one experience that Adam offers. I’ve suffered through too many haircuts feat. The Woman Next to Me’s ex-husband drama.

Tricks for the Perfect Summer Blowout!
Photo by Katherine Koosmann

I’m pretty sure every female is familiar with the quest to extend a gorgeous salon blowout as long as possible. Adam showed me two hairstyles to help protect my hair this summer, all while keeping my blowout on point.

Day 1: The Blowout

If you need a Blowout 101 class, Adam is your guy. He walked me through the process of achieving the perfect blowout on my own, and I’m happy I get to pass along his tips to you!

How to Extend Your Summer Blowout: 3 Easy Hairstyles and Essential Products
Photo by Katherine Koosmann
  • Step 1: Dry your hair about 80% just by finger combing with the blow dryer
  • Step 2: Work a little of Living Proof’s Nourishing Oil through your hair. It works on damp or dry hair and is amazing for controlling frizz. It’s legit enough to handle my thick hair, and light enough to work for fine hair, too. This product has an optimal blend of nourishing oils that mimic your hair’s natural oil composition, to condition and hydrate without leaving that oil slick look if you don’t distribute it perfectly.
  • Step 3: Use a round brush to dry small sections. (This is the step made most difficult by my impatience.)
  • Step 4: Go walk around the city with your bouncy, gorgeous, shampoo-commercial hair.


Day 2: Beachy Waves

Beach waves are one of my favorite summer hairstyles. After spritzing my roots with a little of this AMAZING dry shampoo, Adam showed me how to use a curling wand to create effortless waves. The trick: curl sections in different directions while holding the wand vertically, making sure to always curl the front pieces away from your face for a pretty framing effect. You will also get a more natural look if you leave an inch or so of your ends out of the curling process.

How to Extend Your Summer Blowout: 3 Easy Hairstyles and Essential Products
Photo by Katherine Koosmann

After this step, just finger comb to break up the curls and spritz with a little Living Proof Humidity Shield. This super light hairspray fights humidity while staying weightless. If your ends need a little extra love, add the tiniest amount of the Nourishing Oil to keep them tidy.


Day 3: Classy Ponytail

You know those girls who look gorgeous with their hair in a casual up-do? That’s not me. I generally look like I just rolled off a yoga mat or out of bed (which, incidentally, is also pretty likely).

If you’re rocking a day 3 blowout and work out as much as I do, you know that dry shampoo is a godsend. Until trying Perfect hair Day dry shampoo, I was pretty sure I was destined for a life of chalky, super textured, and kinda gross post-hot yoga hair.  To get the most out of this product, follow this method:

  • Step 1: Shake up the product really well.
  • Step 2: Lift various sections of your hair and spritz the dry shampoo on from 6-12 inches away.
  • Step 3: Let the product sit for a few minutes, then style as normal. This one doesn’t look chalky or clump like other dry shampoos I’ve tried! Gold.
How to Extend Your Summer Blowout for 3+ Days! Tips, hairstyles, and products here.
Photo by Katherine Koosmann

Take advantage of the previous day’s curls by gathering your hair into a low pony. Wrapping a small piece of hair around the elastic and securing with a bobby pin takes the look from sporty/casual to pulled together.

After another once-over with Humidity Shield, which has zero-build up and also serves as a UV protectant, I stepped out of the salon into one of those hot, muggy, summer days and still felt super chic. Three days later? Yep, still rocking pretty waves, volume, and fresh looking hair.



Living Proof products to make save your hair this summer! #YourBestHair #HairGoals
Photo by Katherine Koosmann

*This post was made possible through partnerships with Lumination Salon and Living Proof. As always, all opinions are my own. And seriously, go visit Adam, tell him I said hi, and get the dry shampoo.*