Chicago Coffee Spots: Logan Square Edition

Logan Square is a northwest Chicago neighborhood I don’t visit too often. When I do, it’s for Chicago Diner, Owen + Alchemy, and – of course – good coffee.

Logan Square is trendy, diverse, and full of young people looking for fine dining, dive bars, and everything in between. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, check out some of my favorite Chicago coffee shops:

New Wave

New Wave‘s chill (and very 90s) vibe makes it different from any other on the list. On any given weekday morning, you’ll be surrounded by brogrammer types as well as business people getting work done while seated in a mismatched chair or worn couch. The baristas remember your name, they have vegan pastries, and (of course) good coffee. The beans are from Metropolis, and bottomless pours will only run you $4.50.

New Wave Coffee, Logan Square Chicago

New Wave Coffee, Logan Square Chicago


Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Also in Logan Square is Gaslight Coffee Roasters. Arguably more popular with the trend-chasing crowd, it is a kind of a hipster paradise. The baristas that look cooler in vintage clothing than I ever will, and there are plenty of oddities around the shop that range from taxidermy to blueprints.  In the back of the shop, you can glimpse the roasting action for yourself.

Gaslight Coffee¬†offers quality coffee beans from around the world, and a wide enough variety of foods to encourage you to settle in and spend the better part of your day there. With the combination of “real” food (not just pastry) and the appeal of this spot, it can be challenging to find a seat. On the weekday afternoon I visited, there was not a single one to be found in the sea of students and young professionals working (and socializing) away. Drinking a good cup of coffee standing up is still better than drinking a bad cup of coffee though, right?

But First, Coffee - Chicago
Photos by Katie Koosmann

Do you have a favorite spot to grab coffee in Logan Square? Do tell!