The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List (for a Chic Arrival)

You know that moment on the way to the airport where you are racking your brain figuring out what you forgot? The worst. I finally sat down and made a carry-on packing list to ensure I never forget a thing!

Travel can be rough — crowded airports, germy airplanes, and major dehydration thanks to that recycled air and salty in-flight food. I’m all about kicking back and making travel time a little more comfortable, luxurious, and healthy.

This packing list is a game changer, especially for long haul flights. It keeps me organized, relaxed, and ready to walk off the plane looking only slightly disheveled.


The Ultimate Carry-On Packing List (for a Chic Arrival)

The Ultimate Carry On Packing List

+ Hand lotion: I hate having dry hands. All that hand washing while traveling can take a toll on your manicure, too. Pack this to keep your hands comfortable and soft!

+ Lip balm: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize <<<<<  your new flight motto. This my my all-time favorite for hydration with this tiniest amount of tint.

+ Magazines: I always bring print magazines on flights, because 1. I finally have time to read them and 2. Unlike books, they’re easy to ditch if your bag gets too heavy.

+ Eyeglasses: I wear contacts, and nothing feels worse after a flight than dry, irritated eyes. If you need them, eyeglasses are definitely one thing you don’t want to forget!

+ Healthy(isn) snacks: Plane food is generally pretty terrible for you, and most airport options aren’t much better. Swerve around that candy counter with ease by packing a healthy treat that still feels like a little indulgence. These are gluten free, vegan, have no refined sugars, and taste SO GOOD.

+ Sunglasses: They complete any look, make you look more pulled together instantly, and hide a multitude of sins.

+ Portable battery: Having your phone die before, during, or after a long flight is basically the words. Come prepared with this little guy – it’s the size of a tube of lipstick and great in an emergency.  

+ Soft hair ties: Better for your hair (no damage!) and for your blowout (no weird kinks!)

+ Eye mask: Super easy to rock on a flight —or under giant sunglasses when you land for instantly refreshed eyes. 

+ Sleep mask: The only way I can ever sleep on a flight. This one is actually good for your skin, too!

+ Face moisturizer: I like a heavy dose of hydration on a flight! This night oil is a holy grail product. Do yourself a favor and invest in the smallest size — you’ll be hooked.

+ Cute phone case: It needs to look good in any mirror selfies, ya know?

+ Laptop & case: Protect that baby with this simple millennial pink laptop case.

+ Scarf: Always a smart idea to have an extra light layer on an airplane!

+ Headphones: Over the ear is so good for blocking out a little sound while tuning into whatever juicy movie options are playing.

+ Camera: Definitely an item you want to keep near you while traveling. I like this one for a good introductory level model!

+ Notebook & pen: A little journaling — or jotting down brilliant ideas — seems to come easier on a flight.  

+ Slim wallet: Ditch any bulk and pack an easy option like this.

+ Makeup wipes: I like to remove my makeup during longer flights to let my skin breathe — and definitely before sleeping.  

+ Bare minimum makeup: A simple eye palette + amazing CC cream is often all you need to look refreshed in a snap. Dust on a little brown highlight and neutral shadow for that pretty I-just-woke-up-hot look.

+ Travel brushes: I like a set that’s easy to pack without taking up too much space in my bag.

+ Makeup Bag: For keeping all that sh*t organized.

+ Easy reads: When I fly, I like books I can’t put down.  Big Little Lies and this memoir are on my list.   

+ Cozy socks: These even have a little compression to prevent post-flight hippo ankles.

+ Water bottle: Seeing a theme? Staying hydrated on a flight will make you look and feel SO much better.

+ Handbag:  Whenever possible, I travel only with a carry on suitcase and my handbag. I like a big tote that can hold allll of these things comfortably! This one roomy neutral one is perfect.

(P.S. Don’t forget the sanitizer spray! This one is all natural and will put your mind at peace if you happen to lean against that window that never gets cleaned.)