Big Lives Are Rarely Normal

There are a few types of travel that make people feel uncomfortable.

Travel to remote destinations.

Travel as a female, alone.

Travel that requires you to turn down happy hours or manicures in favor of saving for a plane ticket.

Travel as a mother/wife/responsible career person.

When you book a ticket or pack up your life and just go, it shocks the people around you. Friends and family might come to you with well-meaning concerns, a whole lot of logic, or just a vibe that makes you aware they think you’re a little insane.

How do I know that? Well, because I’ve made some seemingly crazy choices. As a result, I have some of the best memories of my life and experiences that have shaped me as a person.

Finding clarity, creating change, and fully exploring the world requires action. I’ve never once in my life had an epiphany because of watching Travel Channel or going to weekly brunch.  While I’m not dissing routine or simple pleasures (my morning cup of coffee gives me life), if you want to enact change, BIG change, you might have to shake things up.

It’s scary sometimes and downright fun in other instances, but the lovely Maxie McCoy said it best – “Big lives are rarely normal.”


"Big lives are rarely normal" - and other words of encouragement for travelers


If you’re ever in need of support for your crazy adventures, please feel free to reach out. Travel safe, but travel in whatever way and for whatever reason. Logic be damned.