The Best San Francisco Coffee Shops

The best San Francisco coffee shops

There’s no shortage of San Francisco coffee shops. I split my beverage choices between matcha and my usual coffee addiction (plus a few other fun drinks), but didn’t even get to half of the amazing coffee shops in the city. From the best coffee shops to get some work done to the locations for true coffee aficionados, find out which San Francisco coffee shops you should visit!

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

Blue Bottle Coffee is pretty iconic, and has spread from a small network of cafes to garnering a bicoastal (and beyond) cult following. I visited the location inside San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace, an iconic destination in its own right. There are actually two Blue Bottle Coffee locations inside the building –  one in the main arcade, and a “secret” coffee bar is tucked away around the corner in a side entrance. I opted for the secret coffee bar, which features a rotating selection of single-origin options for espresso.  My espresso was fantastic and the staff was incredibly friendly, but the real star of this visit was a fresh, caramelized Belgian waffle. Oh. My.

I loved Blue Bottle so much I went back just before leaving San Francisco, at the Market Square location just outside of Twitter HQ. To my dismay, this location was without the amazing Belgian waffles. The staff was every bit as lovely, and I settled for another amazing pastry to accompany my almond milk latte.  First world problems, party of one.


Beacon Coffee & Pantry

Beacon is conveniently located in the North Beach area, close to many attractions. Once you add in the fact that they have fast and free Wi-Fi, it’s no wonder the place seems to be constantly packed. Great Wi-Fi is clearly a priority in tech-loaded San Francisco coffee shops! I managed to snag a seat immediately, but some others who followed me weren’t so lucky. The $5 pour over was great, and I’m a sucker for the white marble and subtle nautical vibe.


Beacon Coffee, San Francisco Coffee Shops


Flywheel Coffee Roasters

Not to be confused with the cycling studio, Flywheel Coffee is a family-owned coffee roaster with an industrial vibe. The coffee shop is located in The Haight, and offers plenty of workspace. I brought my laptop and settled in for a while, trying a Nitro coffee and vegan power bar in addition to my standard almond milk latte.

Flywheel Coffee Roasters, San Francisco Coffee Shops

Nitro coffee is basically a cold brew that has been put in a keg, then forced through a modified stout head (stout = beers like Guinness) with nitrogen. Fancy, right? They also have an option for Siphon coffees. Flywheel can be either a place to experiment with new brews, or a place to settle in an get some work done. I did a bit of both, and loved my visit.

Flywheel Coffee, San Francisco coffee shops


Cafe St. Jorge

This cozy little Californian-Portugeuse spot is worth the trip to Bernal Heights. If you can’t stop by for brunch, at least pay Cafe St. Jorge a visit for the coffee.

Cafe St. Jorge, San Francisco: brunch, coffee

I visited the cafe on a Saturday morning, and the place was bustling with people – all of whom seemed to be local. The place is unpretentious and relaxed, but offers delicious meals, pastry, and (of course) coffee. Get the famous avocado toast + a Stumptown Coffee and you’ll be fueled for a day of exploring the city.


Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

I stopped by Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters while exploring the adorable (but not adorably named) neighborhood of Cow Hollow. The pineapple wallpaper and other trendy touches made me feel like I was dropped inside Rifle Paper Co., in the very best way. I opted for a regular drip coffee and a butternut squash scone (yum!) and enjoyed both on one of the small  tables dotting the sidewalk in front of the shop. If you visit Wrecking Ball, pop across the street to The Bud Stop to round out your morning with some fresh blooms. Bliss.

The Bud Stop, San Francisco



I’m telling you about fifty/fifty because if you aren’t looking for it, you could miss it – and that would be a shame. This tiny, airy cafe is very simple and very perfect. It sits unassumingly on a corner in Inner Richmond, and I nearly missed it myself. On my first visit, I had the matcha almond milk latte, but seriously debated the lavender Earl Gray latte and the highly recommended hazelnut latte. They have plenty of options, including some for tea and boba lovers!  It’s hard to describe why this quiet little spot quickly became on of my favorite coffee shops in San Francisco, but it certainly did.


Clearly, I was pretty caffeinated for my latest trip to SF. The craziest part? I didn’t even hit a fraction of the amazing San Francisco coffee shops! Have a favorite I missed? Let me know in the comments!