Summer Beauty Must-Haves

I’ve always loved summer, but summertime in Chicago is an occasion.  The city comes alive, there are rooftop cocktails every weekend…and the sun + humidity can make you look like a hot mess during all that fun. After spending most of my life in the South, and now dealing with extreme Chicago temperatures, I’ve picked up a few tried-and-true products that will keep you looking gorgeous all summer long.

The Best of Beauty for Summer 2017

The Best Of Beauty for Summer 2017

+ The #1 sunless tanner for a safe & sexy glow. St. Tropez is great for a streak-free, easy to apply glow that lasts!

+ One amazing, indulgent scrub to get you ready for that tan. Seriously, you need to exfoliate before applying any kind of sunless tanner. Plus, who doesn’t want smooth skin by the pool? Bonus: scrubs like this will help prevent ingrown hairs.

+ A sun hat that is Instagram-ready – and under $25! I used to think that sunscreen was enough to protect me, but my esthetician says that adding a hat will double up the anti-aging effects.

+ Hairspray that really, really fights the frizz. I have a lot of natural body in my hair, which turns into a lot of frizz in the humidity. I swear by Living Proof products!

+ The prettiest pink nail polish. Goes with anything, timeless, and chic. Easy.

+ A facial serum that does double duty: part dry oil, part serum, all glowy complexion.

+ Sunscreen without the ghostly white tones, because yeah, you do need to wear it all the time. This stuff deliver Victoria’s Secret Angel levels of bikini-ready skin, while protecting you from UV rays (if cancer doesn’t scare you, wrinkles and age spots should).

+ A perfume that makes you feel like you’re at the beach (even if you’re in an office). I love this packaging too!

+ Wave spray for laid back chic hair (and no blow drying!).

+ A lip treatment with sun protection that actually makes your lips look better. Whether you’re active or not, constantly applying lipstick in the summer heat can just be too…extra. Keep it easy. Also, sunburned lips are the worst.

+ A body oil to make you look like you just left the Baywatch set. Natural and coconut oil based! Plus, it smells amazing. Keep it in your beach bag at all times.

What’s on your summer beauty must-haves list? Always looking for the latest and greatest!



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    The Caudlie Beauty Spray is one of my favorites too especially for summer! I’m excited to try that Wave spray! It sounds so great!

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    Thanks for the recommendations. I will definitely try some of these products.

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    I first heard about OUAI from either Birchbox or Ipsy but I LOVED the product I received and have been a fan ever since. This list is great! I’ll definitely be taking you up on some of these recommendations. Thank you 🙂 Xo

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    Haha you’re so right- Chicago summers are an occasion! I have to try St. Tropez sunless tanner. I’ve heard great things. Love all your picks! Can’t wait to try them all.

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    I seriously need all of the things! Especially that wave spray and sunhat! I’ve been looking for one too!

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    Yesss I agree with all of these! Especially the sun hat — so cute!

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    This is a great list! It’s definitely got a few of my summer faves.

    XO, Cara

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    Love this! That nail polish color is so cute!

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