5 Apps to Simplify Your Jet Set Life

As much fun as it is to be constantly going somewhere new, there are always going to be things you need to handle. You know, the essentials: healthy food, manicures, and booking your next flight. These are the apps that leave me wondering what on Earth I managed before they existed:


1. Pretty Quick

I think it’s pretty important to always be around three screen taps away from a manicure. PrettyQuick has totally changed (and simplified) the way I handle ALL my beauty appointments. You can easily find appointments from top salons, discounts on last-minute appointments, enjoy cashless payment (and tipping!), and use their reward system to earn credit every time you book.

Get $20 off your first appointment with PrettyQuick discount code medlock!

PrettyQuick app
Hair game courtesy of PrettyQuick


2. Healthy Food Delivery

Everything is going on-demand, including food delivery. These three apps can have awesome, healthy food to your door in less than 30 minutes by using a curated menu.

Eat Purely Chicago Food Delivery Discount Code
*Available in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Chicago

Sprig delivers ready to eat healthy meals in about 20 minutes. Their brunch is perfection for when you just can’t drag yourself out of bed after a late night out.

Get $10 off your first Sprig order with discount code MEDLOCK411
Eat Purely
*Available in Chicago

Eat Purely delivers fantastic organic meals and consistently offers vegetarian options! Some of the meals do have to be reheated, so read carefully if you’re in full-on lazy mode.

Try Eat Purely with promo code RACHELM3 for $20 off your first order!
*Available in Chicago

Radish lets you assemble your own perfect healthy meal by picking each element individually. The portions are perfect for those ready to jettison some winter weight.

Enjoy $10 off your first Radish order with code ebnuw89


3. Hopper

Hopper is an airfare prediction app that’s about to change the way you travel – because even when you aren’t traveling, you’re thinking about it, right?  If I have a trip in mind but I don’t need to book a flight right that moment, I set an alert in Hopper to monitor the best time to buy. They send me updates with the best prices, and advice on whether to buy now or wait for prices to drop. Game changer.


4. Wag!

I’m lucky to have some great pet sitters taking care of the pup when I’m traveling, but occasionally I need a little help filling in the gaps between delayed flights, unexpectedly late nights, or other unforeseen circumstances. Wag! has consistently come to my rescue with their on-demand pet walking services.

Get your first dog walk for free with Wag! promo code Rachel2158


5. Trunk Club

spring style with Trunk Club

If you tuned into my review of all the online personal styling options, you already know I adore Trunk Club. I like shopping as much as the next girl, but nothing sounds less fun than tackling a crowded store on a busy weekend. Trunk Club is also an amazing way to explore your style and allow it to evolve with you. I love that my stylist, Laurie, pushes me to try new things I would normally skip when browsing through a rack.  She can style you too, if you use this link to sign up!


What other apps do you love?