2016 Gift Guide: 100+ Gift Ideas for Your Girls

How is it the holiday season already?! And why do I find myself in this situation every year? Giving (and receiving) gifts is one of my favorite things. In a sea of holiday crowds and weird shipping – and a lot of great potential gifts – it can be hard to sort through all your options.

I buy for a wiiiiiide variety of personalities, so that’s how I’ve broken down this 2016 gift guide. I yynow we’re all on budgets, so many of the items are under $50, too!

 Giant 2016 Gift Guide: 100+ gifts for every kind of lady in your life


Gifts for the Urbanite

  1. 1. A go-with-everything bag for hauling your life around the city.
  2. 2. Stay connected even when it’s cold, thanks to these touch screen gloves. It’s really hard to navigate the city via Google Maps without them, FYI.
  3. 3. After a long day, I’d love to soak in this coconut milk bath.
  4. 4. City girls gotta look cute, even when it’s cold.
  5. 5. Rollerball perfume is perfect to stash in any bag.
  6. 6. Treat her to this luxe bold lipstick to make a day to night transition easy.
  7. 7. Earbuds are the international “Don’t talk to me” signal.
  8. 8. All-weather walking means you need a cute and functional clear umbrella.
  9. 9. The chunky heel makes these boots walkable, but the height adds serious style.
  10. 10. Cities are energetic, glamorous, fun – and sometimes dirty. This pollution shield is your armor.


Gifts for the Most Millennial Millennial

  1. 1. Whimsical desk accessories make work more fun. Even if work is an unpaid internship.
  2. 2. We all have days when we just can’t adult.
  3. 3. Fun messages get Instagram-worthy with this marquee light box.
  4. 4. Beyonce’s Ivy Park line is so buzz-worthy, and crops show no sign of going out of style anytime soon.
  5. 5. Soul Cycle pays for the (pizza) party.
  6. 6. The ubiquitous swan float is fun and a photo prop all in one.
  7. 7. Are we the most stressed generation? The most medicated? The most glued to our phones? Whatever, this works.
  8. 8. You don’t even have to enjoy the Kardashians/Jenners to appreciate the Kylie Lip Kit.
  9. 9. Rosé all day with this candy bento box.
  10. 10. Two internet sensations come together in this plush. Good for sobbing into when you look at your student loans.


Gifts for the Jetsetter

  1. 1. Every jetsetter needs a cute passport cover.
  2. 2. This simple (and high-quality) brush set ensures she’ll never skip them in a packing rush.
  3. 3. Big sunglasses hide jet lag and make any airport outfit look great.
  4. 4. My vinyasa scarf goes on nearly every trip. You can wear it ten different ways (seriously, there’s a video) and it saves me on chilly airplanes.
  5. 5. This cute little travel kit has all the necessities, like ear plugs, an emery board, wrinkle remover, and more.
  6. 6. Long flights are perfect for catching up on reading. This bold, funny memoir is one that I couldn’t put down.
  7. 7. Cute bags make messy suitcases a thing of the past. Cheers to not hanging your head in shame when TSA rips open your suitcase for inspection.
  8. 8. Airplanes ALWAYS dry out my skin. This hand cream lives in my bag.
  9. 9. A phone charging brick is non-negotiable. No more fighting over airport charging stations or worrying about your battery on a long trip!
  10. 10. Travel hair can be notoriously hard to manage. Fix that.
  1. Gifts for your Partner in Crime

  2. 1. When you just can’t be bothered, this shirt handles it.
  3. 2. You knew a flask was going to show up, right?
  4. 3. That late night lounge vibe comes home with a chic candle.
  5. 4. For the girl who literally gets lit.
  6. 5. This color is Dirty Little Secret – as if she needed any more of those.
  7. 6. A carry on cocktail kit for the girl who is a traveling party.
  8. 7. This tray pays homage to the original bad girl.
  9. 8. Mornings are hard. This mug makes them better.
  10. 9. Cute pineapple shot glasses will certainly come in handy.
  11. 10. All party girls need a sexy little black dress.


Gifts for the Beauty Guru

  1. 1. You can never have too many makeup bags.
  2. 2. This French Girl face cream is vegan, organic, and really pretty.
  3. 3. This straightening iron is the best I’ve ever tried.
  4. 4. Keep that impressive cosmetic collection tidy with this affordable makeup organizer.
  5. 5. Winter is the perfect time to sit indoors and scare your Snapchat contacts with these face masks.
  6. 6. Liquid lipsticks are everything right now.
  7. 7. The right lighting is so important. This mirror comes with adjustable light and magnification – for the perfectionist.
  8. 8. Give her a little piece of the super-luxurious cult favorite, La Mer.
  9. 9. I might have purchased the entire OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s collection.
  10. 10. Art for the beauty guru’s vanity.


Gifts for the Fashionista

  1. 1. The chicest pajamas.
  2. 2. If you can’t get her actual Louboutins, this lip color is the next best thing. The nail polish packaging is SO amazing, too.
  3. 3. Selfie away girlfriend, with a keychain that triggers your phone camera via Bluetooth. No judgment.
  4. 4. Grab this gorgeous bracelet from a buzzed-about designer.
  5. 5. Those sunglasses you see on every model? Yeah, these.
  6. 6. These Kendra Scott earrings are both trendy and subtle enough to wear all the time.
  7. 7. Whether she was a Gossip Girl fan or into high fashion, this Prada Marfa print is perfect for any fashionista’s apartment
  8. 8. This clutch looks way more expensive than $25.
  9. 9. Adidas are back. She’ll be street style perfection in these.
  10. 10. A Trunk Club gift card lets her get the fun of being styled (and saves you from picking out something she’ll hate).


Gifts for the #Girlboss

  1. 1. A print for her desk with advice that is sure to come in handy.
  2. 2. Pretty pencils to brighten up any workspace.
  3. 3. I’m one of those people that still loves a paper planner. This one is feminine and super functional.
  4. 4. Get her a cell phone case that reminds her just how badass she is.
  5. 5. This emergency kit is perfect to stash in a purse or desk drawer, solving any little problem that might pop up before a big meeting.
  6. 6. Everyone needs a simple, hold-everything work bag.
  7. 7. For when you can’t escape paper, at least this marble stapler is modern.
  8. 8. This luxe business card holder is fancy enough for a boss and fun enough to remember networking events don’t have to be awful.
  9. 9. This beautiful book is dedicated to celebrating creative, entrepreneurial women.  Sound like anyone you know?
  10. 10. Do the coffee thing, then do the functioning thing. This coffee cup is a reminder.


Gifts For the Homebody

  1. 1. I feel like copper mixing bowls are the prettiest adult item.
  2. 2. A cute welcome mat is more fun to come home to.
  3. 3. “Homebody” doesn’t have to be synonymous with old sweatpants. This pajama set is gorgeous!
  4. 4. A cozy faux fur throw is perfect for those inevitable winter Netflix binges.
  5. 5. My philosophy on slippers is “The more ridiculous and cozy, the better.”
  6. 6. Chic gold planters are a must.
  7. 7. I need these pretty gilded wine glasses on my bar cart ASAP.
  8. 8. Go out for the green smoothie? Nah. This little blender makes it easy to whip up a healthy breakfast. Or frozen cocktail. Your choice.
  9. 9. Every home needs an essential oil diffuser. This one is cute and practically guarantees that spa vibe in your home.
  10. 10. Why settle for one diptyque candle when you could have them all? This set is so. pretty.


Gifts for the Wellness Warrior

  1. 1. Plastic water bottles are out. Glass is in.
  2. 2. Moon Juice is based in L.A., but now you can get their celebrity-approved products shipped around the U.S. They have a cult-like following, and for a good reason.
  3. 3. This gym bag holds everything she’ll need to get a sweat in on long days.
  4. 4. Meet my favorite yoga mat. It’s unique, gorgeous, comes with a built in towel for home yoga, and you can throw it in the washing machine.
  5. 5. Oil pulling is everywhere now, and these little portable packets ensure she can actually do it everywhere.
  6. 6. Crystals get stylish with this rose quartz choker.
  7. 7. I am in love with HUM Nutrition products! Daily Cleanse is full of good stuff like chlorella and dandelion root.   Use my referral code 109113 for a discount!
  8. 8. Lots of skincare products have harsh chemicals. This serum has botanicals and probiotics.
  9. 9. Biodegradable packaging, essential oils, and a coconut oil base make this lip balm a little extra special. {Sold out, but here’s another favorite}
  10. 10. The coolest running shoes. Don’t fight me on this.

Also a great gift – ClassPass! If you’re in a city, it’s the most fun way to try out new workout classes and hit all the best boutique studios. I love going to Pure Barre, FlyWheel, CorePower Yoga, and lots of others. Sign up here for $30 off.


Gifts for the Tech Queen

  1. 1. MacBook dress up time!
  2. 2. A handy device to locate your keys and more.
  3. 3. This looks more like a cute handbag, but it will hold her favorite camera.
  4. 4. This little gadget prints photos directly from your smartphone.
  5. 5. No tech queen should leave home without a power bank.
  6. 6. Her charger will never get mixed up with someone else’s again.
  7. 7. The Amazon Echo is the perfect combination of buzzed-about and totally practical.
  8. 8. Thanks to the iPhone 7 update, she’s going to need these Bluetooth headphones.
  9. 9. Getting out of bed is hard. This alarm clock makes it happen.
  10. 10. The most fashionable camera I’ve seen in ages comes from Michael Kors.

This probably goes with out saying, but I’d be pretty pumped for any of these gifts this year. Which section of the gift guide fits you best? What’s on your wish list? Tell me in the comments!